In 2006, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the Monnoyeur Group, which has been present on most of the great French projects of the 20th century, decided to join the very important campaign of restoration of the castle and the domain of Versailles undertaken by the State, and more particularly to take over the financing of the return of the Grid Royale as part of corporate sponsorship. The exceptional circumstances of our centenary thus gave us the opportunity to make our contribution to the restoration of the National Heritage. Such an opportunity, unique in our history and very rare in history, legitimate in its foundation, can rightly make us all proud of our Group which will have, by its prosperity, exceed its economic mission and make a contribution

in a general interest setting. The Palace of Versailles, one of the most beautiful monuments of our country, remains today one of the most concrete symbols of our History and the durability of the big human companies as well as the mark of the taste and the cultural radiance of France around the world. This is an opportunity for a company to rub shoulders with history, as an instrument for understanding the present and as a driver for thinking about the future. The recognition of the meaning and the mark of History by our stone brought to the restoration of the first monument of our country, long flagship of the taste, the style and the French refinement, symbol of the radiation of France around the world, are for our company, so many motives for meditation and pride.