For 100 years, Groupe Monnoyeur has been present alongside its customers. He knew how to anticipate, adapt, make the necessary financial and human investments, take risks to consolidate his know-how and ensure the satisfaction of all his customers, in France and the strange

A group built on strong values

Driven and shared by the entire Group, our values mark our excellence and our daily commitment to our customers.





Loyalty to business and the constantly renewed satisfaction of our customers are also based on the integrity of our relationships. A way of working, a way of being, on which rest the trust and efficiency of our services.

The Group’s development is based on this Entrepreneurship and Innovation spirit, which is a source of in-house creativity and an effective lever for growth in our market share and our long-term result.

To anticipate and manage our future developments and support our customers in their markets, the courage to take up challenges is a behavior that must animate each of the Group’s employees, in the management of customer relations and in the management of teams.

Keeping structures on a human scale is a Groupe Monnoyeur choice, guaranteeing simplicity of relations, responsiveness and mutual trust. Our customers welcome it and our employees demonstrate it to us at all times through their involvement and the quality of their behavior.