Health & Security

Our Group has always been committed to a very strict policy of prevention of health and safety risks. Focused on the continuous reinforcement of staff safety, the Group is committed to providing the tools and conditions necessary to work safely.

Security, one of our essential values.

All our employees use personal protective equipment (PPE) according to the risks of their job and are trained on safety standards, so as to have all the tools available to avoid risks. All means are used to minimize workplace accidents and even the severity rate. We planned prevention plans and contingency measures for each potential risk situation. At each accident, an investigation is made to understand the causes and consequences of the accident so that it does not repeat itself.

We are proud of our results, which are the result of a joint effort by all our employees.

Workplace safety is also about the health of our employees. The Group is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and enjoyable work environment and promoting well-being at work through initiatives that promote work-life balance.

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26.09.19Health & Security
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