The Monnoyeur Group strives to integrate profiles adapted to the challenges of the Group’s companies: young graduates of all levels who have the potential to evolve in our businesses and experienced employees who will bring their expertise and know how to make our projects a success.

Beyond technical skills, candidates wishing to join one of the Group’s companies will have human qualities and will be recognized in our values. With this desire to share our challenges and our development prospects, candidates will find in our structures rich career opportunities and varied to the extent of their talents.

A handi-friendly company

Dedicated to the development of equal opportunities, the Monnoyeur Group is committed to the recruitment of people with disabilities. All our positions are considered open to the disabled; we promote our actions through temporary work, direct hiring and subcontracting.

Promotion & AdV Manager
Eneria Roumania

My responsibility is to promote Eneria services and Caterpillar products in the area of ​​”Energy and Transportation”, implementing the company’s promotional strategy and respecting the allocated budget. I deal with advertising, print, site maintenance, on-line and social media promotion, as well as participation in fairs and exhibitions and the organization of specialized events for clients ‘business. It is a very varied and dynamic activity in which I can exercise my creativity. I work with colleagues from all departments and maintain a very close relationship with Caterpillar’s marketing division, which provides us with a lot of information and specific work tools. I am proud of the evolution and achievements of the Eneria team. ”

The company in three words: Communication, collaboration, imagination.

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Technical Administrative Support

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“I am the guarantor of periodic general visits (VGP), and the maintenance of our fleet. I count the bills and I manage the files of the park. Essential skills for this job are rigor, organization and team spirit. The various missions of this business allow me to develop every day my technical knowledge on Caterpillar machines, as well as all the new software referring to them. Bergerat Monnoyeur Service allows me to work in a very pleasant environment and to have very flexible hours. ”

The company in three words: Conviviality, mobility and confidence


“ What is the geographic coverage of Groupe Monnoyeur? ”

The Group is present in France, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, China, Algeria. Read More

Technical Sales Manager

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“I handle an average of 40 calls a day on orders, quotations, parts searches or business negotiations. I have the responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. For that I have to take charge quickly of the call, to understand the need of the customer and to bring him an answer adapted, reliable and as soon as possible. For this job, you must be comfortable on the phone, have very good mechanical and technical knowledge, but also have good computer dexterity and good commercial sense. If you are looking for adventure and are looking for a company rich in history and building the future, then apply to Bergerat Monnoyeur. “


“ What is the Group’s social commitment? ”

Aware of its social and regional responsibility in economic life, the Monnoyeur Group is involved in projects of sponsorship for the future to help young people in difficulty.

He also took care of corporate sponsorship, making his contribution to the restoration of the Royale grid of Versailles. Learn more

Works Coordinator

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“My job as a Works Coordinator is to plan and organize maintenance or curative maintenance with our clients. In addition I am proud to be able to provide troubleshooting solutions to our customers and contribute to their security. I appreciate the relationships I can have with industry technicians, customers, suppliers and subcontractors. My work can not be done without collaboration, teamwork and human relationship, and ENERIA is rich on the human level. ”

Human relationship, organization and rigor.

Application Engineer

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“I am here to support the client by providing training on guidance and surveying equipment, demonstrations and on-site troubleshooting with clients. For this profession, it is necessary to be conscientious, mobile and autonomous, to be able to show initiative, and to be attentive to its customers.

Being on the ground allows me to see the technological advances in machine guiding for machines, to know the new products and to see the evolution of the techniques used by the surveyors thanks to the new technologies. I am happy to work in a company such as SITECH, which trusts us and benefits from the strength of Groupe Monnoyeur. ”

The company in 3 words: Innovation, Service and New Technologies

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