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Integrate leading sectors, in full development in high growth countries (Poland, Romania, Algeria …)

Devote yourself to unforgettable projects, which mark our era: Grand Paris, infrastructure development in different countries, oil projects …

Innovate alongside 5,000 employees, proud and passionate about their work, who engage their creativity and their professional rigor.

Access a field of operational responsibilities as functional, to areas of expertise as management

Enrich your knowledge and skills throughout your career

Build a dynamic career through our voluntary mobility policy

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Whatever the position, we are looking for employees who want to be responsible for the development of a future-oriented company.

To come to Monnoyeur, is to give body to your desire to realize as a team large projects.

Young graduates

who dare to take on responsibilities early in their career.


who challenge and support operational and strategic development.

Engineers and Technicians

who create, design, and produce quality products and services.


who develop marketing and sales expertise.

Project leaders

who turn their ideas into reality.

HR Experts

that attract, recruit and develop the talents of tomorrow.

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Our ambassadors answer you personally and share with you their experience.

Dan Nicolae
Commercial Counselor

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Dan Nicolae

“I have been working for IPSO Agriculture for 2 years and 7 months, a short period of time where I managed to adapt very well and develop my experience. Daily activities include identifying the client, preparing an adapted offer and finally concluding the case. The greatest satisfaction is when my phone rings late in the evening and the farmer to whom I sold a machine, thanks me for convincing him to buy a tractor from IPSO Agriculture. There is no greater satisfaction than these simple words that help you start a new day of work with new strengths. We are a strong and united team, and after-sales service is the one that supports us and helps us once a case has been made. I really like what I do, the work environment and the team to which I belong. In a way, we complement each other and work in perfect harmony. ”


“ Where can I find all your job offers? ”

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Works Coordinator

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“My job as a Works Coordinator is to plan and organize maintenance or curative maintenance with our clients. In addition I am proud to be able to provide troubleshooting solutions to our customers and contribute to their security. I appreciate the relationships I can have with industry technicians, customers, suppliers and subcontractors. My work can not be done without collaboration, teamwork and human relationship, and ENERIA is rich on the human level. ”

Human relationship, organization and rigor.


“ What is the loyalty of employees? ”

One of the strong points of the Monnoyeur Group is the loyalty of employees to the company, which this year reached 67%. In addition, the pride of belonging to the company is close to 80%; which shows the commitment of everyone.

Inventory Management Manager Spare Parts

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I started my career at BMA as a logistics coordinator in 2008. This job allowed me to improve myself and to become a spare parts management manager in 2016. I acquired during these years a real pride for the values ​​of BMA and a sense of attachment for this company that has supported me and help me develop my career. Its leading position in the market also allows me to project myself into future projects.

Finally, I am happy to work with a team that I would describe as perfect by the work done every day in order to satisfy our internal customers and preserve our position.

Technical Sales Manager

Read her testimony

“I handle an average of 40 calls a day on orders, quotations, parts searches or business negotiations. I have the responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. For that I have to take charge quickly of the call, to understand the need of the customer and to bring him an answer adapted, reliable and as soon as possible. For this job, you must be comfortable on the phone, have very good mechanical and technical knowledge, but also have good computer dexterity and good commercial sense. If you are looking for adventure and are looking for a company rich in history and building the future, then apply to Bergerat Monnoyeur. “