At the heart of our activities, our HR vision is to contribute to the value creation for the company by attracting, supporting and recognizing committed men and women with various skills within our working community, working together to achieve constant performance growing, customer and shareholder satisfaction and their own fulfilment.

This vision is based on a social policy articulated around 5 axes:

  1. The development of our organizations: create teams with a clear vision of the challenges of their company and their own contribution to the creation of value. To allow our employees to develop and turn their action towards the future.
  2. A dynamic and benevolent work environment: to offer our employees the unique opportunity to evolve in a group with ambitious and constant development while preserving strong human relations. Evolve in a group of nearly 6,000 employees and succeed in assuming responsibilities in large-scale entities with the autonomy to progress and flourish.
  3. A clear desire to promote diversity:
    • Cultural: by integrating people from different backgrounds or countries, fostering transversal collaboration.
      Promoting gender diversity by helping women build their careers in our professions.
    • Generational: by promoting the accompaniment and tutoring of young people in their insertion or professional re-insertion,
      Promote the reception and integration of employees with disabilities, by encouraging the hiring of candidates, by accompanying our employees internally in their recovery of activity, by arranging the workstations, by taking a careful and voluntary look at all people, so that the disability is erased in favor of experience and competence.
  4. The accompaniment of the seniors in their second part of career:
  5. Priority to maintaining employment (second career interview, skills assessment, professional training, validation of prior learning through experience)
    Acting on individual and company development (working group, work in project mode, accountability, collaborative … giving great importance to well-being at work)
    Willingness to ensure a balanced environment conducive to professional and personal growth by providing our employees with a range of support solutions promoting their work / life balance.

Toutes les filiales du Groupe se sont engagées dans des initiatives pour favoriser l’équilibre entre vie professionnelle et vie privées de ses salariés, en mettant en place des actions concrètes.

Support the development of the countries in which the Group develops its activities: promote the profiles of local employees, give them access to skills, our values. Be proud to be able to register our growth in those of the women and men who contribute to it.


Students & Young graduates

International company, on a human scale, we knew how to preserve the benevolent spirit of solidarity and listening, where the individuals who compose it feel surrounded, listened to, accompanied to succeed. We develop a dynamic HR policy, very close to young people passionate about our work. We are committed to offering you rewarding professional experiences through a variety of courses, entrusting you with exciting missions and responsibility.

Thanks to transversality, one of our core values, you will find important opportunities for growth and professional development in recognition of your commitment and motivation. To have the best managers tomorrow, we commit today to pass on the passion of our professions and the rigor of our expertise. Take the opportunity to grow and enhance your skills in a stimulating work environment!

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IVB & work-study contract

Groupe Monnoyeur invests specifically in supporting students and recent graduates by offering them opportunities to gain experience and become operational quickly in their first job.

Through a policy of hiring young IVBs, alternating or internships, the Group offers future young employees, with a technical profile, a young sales executive or an engineer, an unforgettable experience at the heart of our business.

IVB, International Volunteers in Business: Come participate in the development of countries in full growth

International Volunteering in Business (IVB), established in 2000, enables French companies to entrust professional missions abroad to young people for a period of 6 to 24 months.

You can apply for a IVB :

If you are between 18 and 28 years old
If you are a citizen of the European Union, Member States of the European Economic Area or Monegasque.
If you have a good command of a foreign language
Whatever your level of qualification
Whether you are a student, looking for a job or a professional activity.
Our opportunities are waiting for you in Algeria, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Belgium and Asia.

For more information on the IVB, see:

Alternation: We propose to combine theory and operational experience at the heart of our marketing and service activities

The Monnoyeur Group shows a willingness to contribute to developing the skills of young people, potential future to evolve in all its activities. In 2016, more than 100 young people were recruited on a work-study basis abroad and in France, 50% of whom were hired, a figure that corresponds to the national average of post-work-study hiring.

The Group establishes partnerships and regularly signs agreements with trade, business and engineering schools. The BTS class dedicated to Bergerat Monnoyeur at the Lycée Bruay la Buissière is an example.

In September 2017, for the first time, a BTS class dedicated to Bergerat Monnoyeur will open. The partnership with the Bruay campus has enabled the Monnoyeur Group to create a class of 8 (or more) 100% BM professionalization contracts, whose training plan has been defined in partnership with the company.

Bergerat Monnoyeur will provide its premises for practical scenarios and internal trainers for training on computer software.

The advantages of a dedicated class:

Sense of belonging to students
Strong internal / external communication support for BM
Possibility to rotate apprentices on several workshops
A contract between BM / students / school
This is an opportunity for students to discover the company culture and gain expertise, while learning the job in the field; but it is also an opportunity for BM to integrate motivated young people, with targeted training on CAT.